send aamras to usa

Send Seasonal Specials to USA,UK

Gajar Ka Halwa in the winters, Aamras in the summers! These are seasonal delicacies which every Indian cherishes as the seasons unfold.

Now you can share the love with your relatives and friends abroad. The first concern that would come to your mind would be of course whether it would go stale. We pack these seasonal varieties (which often people order in bulk for parties) in Dry Ice. This special packaging ensures that these otherwise perishable delicacies reach absolutely fresh when they are delivered.

It is as simple as PLACING AN ORDER by specifying your wish list in the CONTACT FORM on the right. Or if you have a special wish-list then you can purchase the items yourself and we will deliver them for you (in which case we will only charge you the shipping cost)

We have catered to large parties in the past where we have delivered seasonal delicacies like Gajar Halwa in the winters and Aamras in the summers. If you have something else on mind, do let us know and we will tell you if we can make it happen.