send bhakarwadi to usa

Send Local Specials to USA,UK

Each place in India has a mark of its own in the form of some special food that is not available anywhere else but there. People would go hammer and tongs to get a bite of these local delicacies of big brands like Chitale, MM Mithaiwala or even small unknown shops which sell exquisite food items.

More so people abroad miss these special items. Just think what a special surprise it would be for a loved one abroad to receive a special parcel packed with a local delicacy from the “nukkad” beside his home!

It is as simple as PLACING AN ORDER by specifying your wish list in the CONTACT FORM on the right. Or if you have a special wish-list then you can purchase the items yourself and we will deliver them for you (in which case we will only charge you the shipping cost)

We have tie ups with all local dealers in Mumbai, Pune, Indore and Ahmedabad as of now. We have sourced and sent Bhakarwadi from Chitale in Pune, Akash Namkeen from Indore and a lot more stuff from even the smallest of shops in these areas which are a hit with the localites